I came across something awesome this morning that totally made me smile, but also made me feel old. Old, and ridiculous.

I used to rock all of these fashions and fads. Now that I see them again, I can't help but think, "why did we ever think this looked good?" Although, I was just wondering the other day if they still made the ruffle socks so I could get some for Ella.

It's like they went back in time and raided my bedroom when I was in grade school. It was a nice walk down memory lane, but even better, it was great inspiration for my outfit for the Totally Retro Prom May 30th at Giovanni's. So far I have secured this piece of awesome attire to wear that night...

Next up, I need to make a tutu and find some awesome leggings. As you can see, I am not going the fancy route for prom. I'm channeling a late 80's early 90's boy band groupie. Just another trip down memory lane, "step by step."