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Congrats to 100 year old Bill Lambert of Rockford, you're in the Guinness Book of World Records!

So here's the deal, Bill is a scuba diver and damn good at it. Mr. Lambert traveled to Mexico to set the world record back in 2019 (at 98 years old) to become the oldest person to be under water for at least 20 minutes. Mission accomplished. Just now in 2021, the Guinness Book of World Records are recognizing Bill's dive.

Now there is a second dive that Bill Lambert did Labor Day weekend up at Pearl Lake in South Beloit. Again, Bill stayed under water for at least 20 minutes...this time at the age of 100, wow. This is something that the Guinness Book of World Records is also considering as award worthy.

Bill Lambert of Rockford is the world's oldest scuba diver. That's pretty damn cool.


Here is the video of Bill's dive up in South Beloit, at Pearl Lake:

Here's what I think is the best part of the entire story...Bill began his diving career at age, 98. If I make it to 98 years old I just want to remember who I am!

There is a physical and mental part to diving, especially at an older age. Keeping the muscles and joints active is one thing, but also the mental challenge of staying on top of everything that is going on around you. What an incredible way to stay active and healthy, Mr. Lambert...Congratulations! 100 years young.


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