Free airplane ride with a $100 burger at a Wisconsin restaurant.

Unique Meal Deal Offered At Wisconsin Restaurant

Some restaurants can come up with some fun meal deals. I am not talking about a combo meal that includes a shake instead of a pop.

For example, I remember eating at a restaurant one time and on the menu was a special deal of wings with a bottle of Dom Perigon. I can not remember the exact price but it was a couple of hundred dollars.

Now, that is a strange offer. I would not think that would be ordered very often. Most likely for celebrations only.

Now, a restaurant in Wisconsin has that menu item beat by a longshot.

$100 Burger Includes Free Flight

For your typical restaurant, you can order a burger, and usually, you will get your choice of side. It could be fries, onion rings, or tater tots. There could be a drink option. Maybe, if you are lucky you can supersize it.

Well, this meal deal will take it to the next level. It will cost $100. I realize that sounds expensive but let me tell you more.

For that $100 you get a burger, a choice of a side, and a free flight. Yes, you read that correctly. It includes a free airplane ride. Now, $100 does not sound too expensive.

According to,

"The Jet Room is a Madison restaurant with some great hamburgers and you can order your choice of side: French fries, broccoli, fruit, or fresh-fried potato chips. But what if you want to go really deluxe? Just plunk down a hundred dollars and say you want to order “the $100 Burger Certificate.”

Check it out for yourself.

Screenshot of The Jet Room Menu
Screenshot of The Jet Room Menu

That is pretty darn impressive.

It looks like they have a nice selection of burgers to choose from.

Burger Menu Screenshot
Burger Menu Screenshot

Besides the unusual burger certificate, the place does look interesting. I would definitely like to check it out. I have spent a lot more for less. Plus, it has a really cool view too.

Video: Pat O'Malley's Jet Room Restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin

For more info, HERE.

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