Today is Jake Owen's 33rd birthday, so let's celebrate by learning more about the man we all think is pretty "beachin'."

First off let me just say this, I am disturbed by the fact that Jake is only 33. I don't know why I thought he was a few years older than me, when in fact he is younger. Dang. Now I feel like a cougar, but I guess that is ok. Lol!

How many of these things did you already know?

Now, if I may add a few things I have learned about Jake...

  • He is a huge supporter of St. Jude kids. Every time I have been to Memphis for a St. Jude conference, Jake Owen has been there supporting the cause.
  • He likes fancy sports cars, and not just speed boats.
  • He has FABULOUS hair...he may even take the prize over Keith Urban. (I know, it's completely shocking that I just said this.)
  • He truly loves country music, and loves supporting other artists. When he was the headliner for Q98.5 day at Country Thunder in 2013, he did not spend the day in his bus or a hotel while he waited to take the stage. He was walking around backstage chatting with everyone, and watching all of the other artists on stage. Considering he just had major hand surgery the week prior, and was probably in a lot of pain, this is very admirable to me.

If you want to wish Jake Owen a happy belated birthday on September 20 at the BMO Harris Bank Center, get your tickets now here. It's gonna be one heck of a beachin' show!