Hey Illinoisans, what's your favorite food?

Now take a look and see if it isn't one of these 10 foods that are favorites here in our home state.

Only On your state complied a list and found that these 10 foods just happen to be the most favored foods in the Land of Lincoln.

Take a look and see if you don't agree.

- Italian Beef Sandwiches. I like Italian Beef, I don't care for the sweet peppers on mine though.

-  Ranch Dressing. I like ranch. My favorite is the homemade buttermilk ranch dressing.

- Horseshoes. Not an actual horseshoe but it's pile of fries smothered in gravy atop a burger on a piece of thick bread. Hmm, I've never had it but I'd try it.

- Corn. Yep, of course corn on the cob is a main staple from the land of of corn. Ha!

- Deep Dish Pizza. Oh yum. My utmost favorite kind of pizza. The best is Lou Malnatti's from Chicago, but in Rockford, Giordano's is the next best.

- Gyros. Oh yeah... My first thought. Uncle Nick's.

- Popcorn. Makes since since we grow a lot of corn. I mean it is our official state snack afterall. The best is Garrett's Chicago Blend. Yummy!

- Hotdogs. Chicago Style are the best. Portillo's anyone?

- Burgers. Yep those big fat juicy bar burgers are the best ever, right?!

- Pierogis. Hmmm I've yet to have any, but sound awesome. Dumplings filled with cheese or meat. Mmmm. My Brother-in-Law raves about the ones he gets at the Lithuania Club.

Well you know I pretty much agree with all of those foods. How about you?

Do you see anything that missing? What else is good here in Illinois?