When it comes to being single, let's face it, it's not easy.

Online dating is even trickier when trying to find someone in the area.

Here's 10 dating apps I think that Rockford needs for singles to search for their significant other. 

A few of my girlfriends and I have sat around talking about how hard it is for a woman to date, let alone doing it online. You just never know who you're going to get.

What's even more frustrating are dating sites that say they match you with those who are equal to you. Yet when you get your matches, I'm sorry there are many I just start swiping left. That may sound cold, but admit it you've either done it or are doing it now. Right?!

Also, it seems my friends and I have gotten a lot of men who aren't even in the area. I'm sorry a 2 hour distance to meet a stranger isn't honestly a good idea.

So where are these men and women that have the same likes in and around Rockford?

That's why I think Rockford needs it's own dating apps starting with these 10 I came up with:

1. Craft Beer Lovers - Think Carlyle's, Prairie Street Brewing Co., Pig Minds, etc..If you love craft beer there's a guy or girl who does too.

2. I Hate Everything About Rockford - Yes we know there are those that don't love the Forest City. I'm sure they can find a match with someone here.

3. I Love to Hang Out Downtown - There's a lot of cool things going on downtown and there are a lot of people who only like to hang out there.

4. Coffee Lovers - Between Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Meg's, and more you're sure to find someone with your affinity for a particular coffee here in the Screw City.

5. IceHogs Fan and Lover - Rockford loves their IceHogs and you just may find that guy or girl to attend every game with.

6. I Love the _____ Local Bands. There are so many local bands here in Rockford and they all have fans. If you have a favorite band I'm sure there's a connection there with someone.

7. Rockford Speedway and NASCAR Lover - Race enthusiasts can definitely find their special someone here.

8. I'm Obsessed with Cheap Trick - Enough said right there.

9. I Love Sock Monkeys -  Umm, I'm just gonna leave that one right there.

10. Tube and Float Down the Kish - I gotta say I'd be on this one. Nothing better to do on a hot summer day, well that is if we don't get monsoon rains that prevent us from tubing.

Those are just a few ideas I had. What else do think should be added to the list to find that special someone?



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