Calling all gardeners.

The town of Fairdale, IL needs your help in beautifying the town this weekend.

Operation Rebuild is looking for volunteers to help plant flowers and shrubs in Fairdale this coming weekend.

According to, last weekend several volunteers came out to help plant and help contiue retalizing the community of Fairdale after the devasting EF-4 torando a year ago in April. If you're interested in helping they need volunteers both Friday and Saturday (May 20th - 21st), between the hours of 10 am to 5 pm to help plant .

Volunteers are asked to "bring your garden gloves, work boots, garden tools, sack lunch, lawn chair, and join us."

WTVO posted the following phone numbers for anyone who is interested in helping. Please call Regina at 218-206-3455 or Trudy at 815-761-4284.

To learn more about Operation Rebuild, visit their facebook page here.