There is a local group here in Rockford that is trying to clean up the city one person at a time and now they are looking for your help.

WIFR TV has a report about a group that is called Clean Up Rockford. They have already cleaned up one area four different times this year and each time it becomes more of a challenge to make it look better.

"Ninety-eight bags of trash is what Heather Veccione says she and the rest of a group called Clean Up Rockford picked up last time they worked at a location along 20th near Wesleyan Avenue."

It has become so bad that the Rockford police have been notified and they are aware of the situation.

"Rockford Police have taken a very proactive approach to this,” says Neighborhood Standards Supervisor Rob Wilhelmi. “There’s been suspects identified and right now we’ve been working with Rockford Police to address that situation.”

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Clean Up Rockford is now looking for your help.

This Sunday the group is looking for volunteers to meet at the Aldi's parking lot on 20th and Harrison. This is a way to give back to the community and feel good about yourself.