Well the holidays are here, time to throw another log on the fire. Well a fire log that is, that smells just like fried chicken. Yes, you heard that right a firelog that smells just like fried chicken. According to WGNTV 9, KFC partnered with the company Envirolog to come out with the 11 Herbs and Spices Firelog. I mean come on its 2018, no one wants a fire that smells like a fire.

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The firelog is made completely from recycled materials. KFC said it came to fruition thanks to countless hours of research and development and a splash of science. The log is said to burn for up to two and a half to three hours. They have stated that they are in very limited quantities and you're only allowed one per customer.

The price for the fried chicken firelog is 18.99 and you can get it shipped to your home in about 5 days. If you would like to purchase the 11 Herbs and Spices Firelog you'd better act fast. Just go to KFCFirelogs.com. But they do ask that no matter how good it smells please do not try to eat it.

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