The other day on Facebook we asked - "What was your dream job when you were little?"

The responses were nothing short of amazing. But nobody mentioned driving the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile. But it turns out if you had that dream as a kid, you can finally make that happen. Have you ever driven past the Weinermobile? It's basically the most exciting thing that can happen to a day. There's nothing better than driving on I-90 and seeing that thing come up in the rear view mirror.

The technical term for the position is - Wienermobile Spokesperson.

Oscar Mayer is hiring a new group of drivers or "spokespeople" for the Wienermobile. So what's the gig like? Well, you'll spend a whole year driving the 27 foot whip, you'll go to over 200 different events, and you'll serve as brand ambassadors for Oscar Mayer! What more could you ask for from a career?

Here's what your ride looks like from the inside.

Kraft Heinz says that they are looking for people with a degree or experience in marketing and communications. They must be outgoing, friendly, and have a valid driver's license.

And of course you'll be getting paid for the job. The average salary has been around $30,000 in past years. So on top of having the coolest ride ever, you'll also be making a salary. Applications are open until January 31st and you can apply for the position here.


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