This has been quite the week for jobseekers in the Rockford area. Hot on the heels of the news that Rockford's Hard Rock Casino is doing some serious hiring comes the news that Amazon wants Rockford people, too.

The Amazon facility at 4650 Shepherd Trail used to be a distribution center for Bon-Ton, but now it's going to be an Amazon production site and fulfillment center when it opens up for business on October 10th.

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What Kind Of Jobs And Pay Scale Is Amazon Offering?

According to their job listings, Amazon needs workers for a variety of different jobs like printing custom shirts, phones cases and pop sockets for distribution. Those positions start at $16 per hour. Some of the fulfillment center duties are loading boxes onto trucks for shipment, getting customer orders ready and packed up, receiving and putting away inventory, and more.

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Here's How You Can Find Out More And Apply

A hiring event will take place next Thursday, September 16th, from 9am-6pm at 4021 Morsay Drive. If you're interested in putting in your application, text the word ROCKFORD to 77088, or visit

Amazon Has Thrown Quite A Bit Of Money Into Illinois

According to a recent piece at Chicago Business Journal, Amazon said it's invested more than $14 billion in Illinois since 2010 between infrastructure and compensation to its employees. It has created over 36,000 full and part-time jobs in Illinois. When you consider the rest of the country, Amazon employs nearly a million people (950,000), and they've invested over $530 million.

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