App driven ride services have been a big thing in the last few years. Uber and Lyft are obviously the biggest two. I have used both services many times in the past few years and they're definitely convenient to say the least especially if you're in a town you don't know. But with more drivers on the road there are sure to be more accidents, and according to My, on Sunday and Uber was involved in an accident  I-55 and one passenger lost their life.

Right after the accident, the vehicle burst into flames. At the time, the Uber driver had three passengers. The driver and two of the passengers were able to escape but the last one, Jamie Poulos age 23, was unable to escape the vehicle and passed away at the scene. the two other passengers were taken to the hospital in stable condition.

The passenger of the car that struck the Uber vehicle was in serious condition and was taken to the hospital. Nothing else has been released at this time and the crash is still under investigation.

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