I used to love playing McDonald's Monopoly. The whole family got in on it. We kept the board on the fridge and whenever you had new pieces, you added them to the board in the hope that someone might find that one missing piece.

Every year, like everyone, we had dreamed of winning the million dollars with Park Place and Boardwalk, and every year we missed our chance. Turns out, it didn't matter how often we stopped at McDonald's, we were never going to win.

Turns out, between 1995-2001, the game was rigged! To be fair, it wasn't McDonald's who did it, but the guy who was in charge of security for the company that made the pieces. By the time the authorities caught on, more than 50 people were arrested.

HBO has made a docuseries on the incident entitled "McMillions" that premieres on February 3rd.


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