If you've ever found yourself wondering about how much our city's first responders do to keep Rockfordians safe, just watch this and you'll completely understand.

I come from a family of firefighters. My grandfather, father, brother, husband and the majority of our friends currently serve, or have served, on one of our local fire departments.

I know what it's like to be a kid whose dad has to go out and help other people in extreme weather, instead of being at home keeping his family safe. I know only a small percentage of the tragedy, gruesomeness and destruction that first responders can see on a daily basis. I've often wondered how all of these brave men and women can go to sleep at night and not be haunted by the things they've seen, and the ugliness that people can do to one another.

To me, first responders are superheroes and I thank God for them every day.

Just yesterday I came across this video tribute that a man named Moath Nagi shared on Facebook, and it put tears in my eyes.

I'm not sure if Nagi is the creator of the video, but either way, I think it is something every Rockfordian needs to see.



Thank you to every single one of Rockford's first responders, your service and bravery means the world to me. I think each one of you is WAAAYY cooler than Superman, Spiderman, or Batman could ever dream of being.

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