If you are planning on attending a show and sit in the nose bleed section of the Coronado performing Arts Center, you will notice one seat clearly stands out from all the rest, and with good reason.

The seat is located in Row NN, Seat 13 in the upper balcony. It is notably different because it is decked out in the famous Cheap Trick checkerboard black and white colors.

It is the famous Rick Nielsen "make out chair" now immortalized in recognition of Cheap Trick's efforts to preserve Rockford's crown jewel downtown theater.

The Rockford Register Star reports that Nielsen was pivotal helping with fundraising to preserve the Coronado. Executive Director of the friends of the Coronado told the Rockford Register Star:

He assisted us in the raising of the $18.5 million for the restoration. Nielsen was happy to share his celebrity for a local cause.

The Nielsen seat is in the balcony because, because back in the day, junior high school aged kids would often go to a show for "reasons other than watching a movie".

Let your imagination run wild! If you are fortunate enough to land a ticket for this seat, please behave yourself....until the theater lights go down.

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