Now that Fall is officially here, all my thoughts have turned to Halloween, (I've been dreaming of all the other fun Fall stuff for several weeks now).

If your love of Fall primarily centers around the season of scary too, you are probably already planning all the haunts you need to visit in the next month, so how's about I help you expand your itinerary?

While searching for all the Halloween things the other day I came across a Forbes article about the 10 Most Haunted States in America, and guess what? FOUR Midwest states made the top 10.


The 10 Most Haunted States in America

Before I get you the list of the ten most haunted states in America I feel I must tell you these results weren't based on the number of haunted houses and Halloween events each state has, it was based on the number of paranormal sightings and experiences that were reported. Double yikes.

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Now for the good stuff...the top 10 most haunted states in America according to findings from Ghosts of America are...(Yes, this list is in numerical order with number one being the scariest).

  1. Texas
  2. California
  3. Ohio
  4. Michigan
  5. Illinois
  6. Indiana
  7. Pennsylvania
  8. Oklahoma
  9. New York
  10. Virginia

So, what makes Texas the scariest state in America? Apparently, even the number of ghost sightings is bigger there. How big? How about 6,845 reported paranormal activities since 2005 big?  The Forbes article says California isn't far behind Texas though with 6,444 reports on the books since 2005, while Ohio finished third with only 2,555 sightings.

Forbes' article also provides info on the scariest haunts in each featured state, so if your perfect vacation involves a heavy side order of terror, you should probably check it out here.

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