Yellowstone is taking fans behind the scenes of its most recent episode in a new trailer posted online that gives viewers a glimpse into what goes into filming a single episode of the massively popular show.

The Paramount Network hit just aired Episode 3 of its much-anticipated Season 4 on Sunday (Nov. 14), and the episode answered one of the central questions that fans had in advance of Season 4: Who attacked the Duttons? But while the identity of the man who ordered the attacks has been revealed, fans still don't have the answers they are looking for, since he's a man John Dutton (Kevin Costner) professes not to know.

The behind-the-scenes clip below is careful to offer no spoilers, but Yellowstone co-creator, writer and director Taylor Sheridan opens up about the story arc that's now taking Jimmy (Jefferson White) away from the Yellowstone to another ranch in Texas after he's broken his word to John Dutton. His journey looks to figure into the upcoming launch of a new Yellowstone spinoff, Yellowstone: 6666, for which few details are yet available.

"What he hasn't become is someone who takes ownership over his failures and learns from them," Sheridan observes. "He hasn't become a man."

"To be sent away from the Yellowstone," White adds, " ... is a huge, huge loss. He broke his word to John Dutton, but I also think he feels like in that moment, John Dutton is breaking his word to Jimmy."

In Episode 3, Dutton tells Jimmy that it's not a punishment, it's an opportunity, and he will be welcome back at some point if he acquits himself well.

Costner says Jimmy brings out whatever empathy John Dutton has.

"Maybe John's a lot softer than people think about him," Costner observes. "He kinda bends a little to help him."

We also hear from Mo Brings Plenty, Cole Hauser, Reilly, Grimes, Kelsey Asbille and more in the behind-the-scenes trailer, which offers fans a look at how the sets are constructed and the equipment moves around, as well as just how many people and moving parts it takes to film a television show that offers the grand visual scale of a motion picture. All of them had major character arcs unfolding in Episode 3, and it's an interesting chance to see them talk about what will motivate their characters moving forward.

Yellowstone airs on Sunday nights on Paramount Network. A Yellowstone prequel titled 1883 will premiere via Paramount+ on Dec. 19, starring Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as John Dutton's great-grandparents. Subscribe to the streaming service to make sure you don't miss out.

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