Sound the alarm! Houston, we have may have a problem.

While scrolling through Reddit I started browsing "Rockford" topics and stumbled upon some confusion.

Someone pointed out Rockford's account has been suspended on Twitter.

Bethany Clarke, Getty Images

Why could this be?

Could this be related to something in Rockford, meaning unrelated to a tweet?

Maybe someone from Twitter headquarters had a trip through Rockford and found out about the delicious cheddar fries Beef-a-roo by the time it was too late?

Google Street View

Maybe he or she made a stop at Rockford's new casino and walked out with less money than they started with?

Credit: JB Love, Townsquare Media

Could it be possible someone from Twitter's corporate office nailed a massive pothole at some point in the past?

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Did Rockford brag about being home to Fred VanVleet?

Fred Vanvleet via Instagram

Did they get confused trying to navigate through one of the city's roundabouts?

Credit: Google Street View

All jokes aside there is a good reason behind this suspended account.

Twitter via Twitter App

I can not tell you the reason behind this account's suspension but I can tell you this account is not City of Rockford's official Twitter account.

The official account, which currently has less than 10,000 followers, is @CityofRockford, not @Rockford, as depicted above.

So, to this Reddit user, you're searching for the wrong Rockford.

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