Emails are frequent in just about any office. Truthfully, and in an effort to be transparent, some of the men in this office aren't the best at responding to emails. Ok, it might be only me.

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An email sent this week sparked major "reply all" status from numerous men in this building, except for me... I let the other men do the talking.

The savage email was in regards to the solo urinal in our building. Apparently, it had backed up at some point Wednesday night and none of the male on-air staff knew anything about it.

paper out of order sign on bathroom urinal
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Hello Gentlemen,
I had to call a plumber in today to fix a clogged urinal.
To ensure the plumber is not a regular visitor, please flush after each time you use the urinal.
Don't wait for the next person to do it.
While it may seem that gravity will do the work, it won't.
The water from the flush is needed to wash the salt down. It's also a sanitary and smell thing.
If your curious, read here.
Never did I think I would write an email regarding flushing.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Happy Thursday :)

First of all, there is a typo. There's a difference between "your" and "you're." Second, the link is broken but luckily I fixed it.

As far as the smell thing"? Ok, she's not wrong about that. There is often an unpleasant smell in the men's restroom, not so much in the women's restroom... which I may or may not use from time to time before the solo female on the morning crew arrives at the office. I flush after each use.

Male using phone while sitting on a toilet bowl
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A follow-up to the original email came from the leader of our building, also a woman. The response included a graphic that read, "even if you are in a rush, please remember to flush."

Here are some of the responses from the men in the office.

Kinda sexist that you only put the men in the building on this email IMHO. If I knew how to contact HR I would.


If you guys would just go out in the backyard like Max, Joe, and I do we wouldn't have this problem.

Funny quarantine privacy
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By the way, Max is our office dog...

... and I don't think anyone is actually peeing outside, but I could be wrong. If they are, I apologize to the neighbors around our property.

A sign on a tree in a forest or park prohibits people from pooping in nature
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Exaggeration much?

Yes, only because the email was only sent to the men in the building, which are out-numbered. How do we know for sure there wasn't some sort of plumbing issue that wasn't caused by a lack of flushing? Hmm...

(Update: It's unclogged, clean, and readily available for use... as long as it is flushed accordingly.)

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