Baseball is America's past time, we all love to go to games but what makes it better is getting free stuff when you go.

Wrigley Field has been rated as one of the best ballparks to handing out freebies.

According to Forbes they shared a study from Custom Ink that "took a look at the promotion schedule across MLB’s 30 clubs and found a number of special promotion events and free giveaways."

Custom Ink found that across the country in ballparks there are a combined 1,800 special promotional events that scheduled for this year and of those events over 801 items will be handed out as free giveaways as you enter the gates to see the game.

Those ballparks with the best giveaways in the top 5 are as follows:

St. Louis Cardinals 49

Los Angeles Dodgers 42

Chicago Cubs 40

New York Mets 39

Pittsburgh Pirates 35

Now when it comes to giving away Bobbleheads this year, the Cubs miss the mark of being in the top 5. They will give out 5 which places them at 11 on the list.The teams giving away the most are as follows:

Rangers 12

Dodger 12

Braves 7

Padres 6

Cardinals 6

To see the complete list of giveaways and bobble heads and more click here.


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