I don't know if it's a deal-breaker for you or not, but in order to take advantage of the cash and free beer contest, you'll have to go to Hoegaarden, Belgium.

I know what you're thinking. If those Belgians can't even spell "garden" correctly, how are you to know whether or not their beer is any good? I swear, it's like some foreign countries have a different word for everything.

However, if you think you're made of the kind of tough stuff it takes to fly across an ocean to drink free beer while being handed a pile of cash, here's what Hoegaarden's website has to say about things:

As the original Belgian wheat beer, born in the village of Hoegaarden, Belgium, we know that a life lived slowly is something hard to find these days. So we’d like to bring that life to you with the Hoegaarden Slowed Down Spring Break. This alternative spring break is a chance to enjoy a respite from modern stresses. To disconnect. To recharge. In our quaint village in Belgium, you’ll find an overflow of green spaces, charming cafes, and of course, our famous wheat beer. Here, life moves a little slower, beer is brewed a little longer, and we prioritize conversation over wi-fi connection.

Sounds pretty rough so far. Your Slowed Down Spring Break Itinerary gets tougher, though, as they expect you to be:

• Finding shapes in the clouds
• Strolling cobblestone streets
• Basking in nature
• Savoring delicious, citrusy Hoegaarden

The Hoegaarden Slowed Down Spring Break package will provide each winner and one friend with flights and accommodations to Hoegaarden, Belgium from May 11-15, 2019. While there you will have $1,445 — inspired by the year Hoegaarden was founded — to spend experiencing all the quaint village has to offer.


Click here for the Hoegaarden contest entry page. If you win, Joe and I will happily go in your place if the whole thing seems too stressful.

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