We all know that if you want good cheese, you go to Wisconsin.

I have family members who have since relocated, but when they come home to visit getting good cheese curds is one of the first things we do.

And the go-to cheese is from Decatur Dairy.

Located in Brodhead, Wisconsin it is the best cheese I've ever had! The dairy itself is located not that far from my parent's home, so whenever we're there for a visit picking up some cheese is a must!

Decatur Dairy has the distinction of saying that their cheese is made by Wisconsin's only Master Cheesemaker in cheese curds in the world. This happened after Steve Stettler saw the growing popularity in the squeaky goodness.

Decatur Dairy's Stettler advocated for the creation of a master status for cheese curds in 2016. He followed that up with three years of work to earn his current status. He hopes others will seek out this status as well.

The Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Program is the only one in the United States. Ten years as a licensed cheesemaker is what Wisconsin requires before one can move onto the process of becoming a master cheesemaker.

What's the secret to a good curd?

Master Cheesemaker Stettler says the best curd is:

Squeaky, a slight tough of salt and a little warm.

As of last Tuesday the Wisconsin dairy, that's about a thirty minutes drive from Rockford, was competing in the World Championship Cheese Contest. They are competing with over 100 other Wisconsin cheese manufactures.

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