New survey shows 43 percent of women in relationships have a 'back-up man plan' in case their current relationship doesn't work out. Really? Don't tell my wife this information. According to a new survey from, 43 percent of women in relationships have a 'back-up man'. This is like having a second parachute for sky divers I guess. Don't think my wife Yvonne has a 'back-up man' plan in the works. Makes me wonder now.

Other findings include:

10 percent of back up plan men have already professed their love for a woman

20 percent of women say their back-up plan man would drop everything for them.

33 percent of women don't think they will have to use their back-up plan man.

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I am disturbed by this report. You mean to tell me almost half of women have a 'back-up man' just waiting for them. Is this true? Do you have a plan? Comment below.

I am going home to have a heart to heart with my wife right now.