I know what you're thinking reading that title that there no way a woman can wake up from surgery speaking in an accent, but it's true and it is possible to have that happen.

I know you're mind blown right now, so was I after reading this article through WGN.

According to Dr. Toby Yaltho a Houston Neurologist, the condition is called "Foreign Accent Syndrome" and although it's extremely rare it has happened to at least 100 people in the past 100 years.

The "condition usually happens after some kind of head trauma or stroke." but in this woman's case he said there is "no clear cause".

Lisa Alamia is a true born and bread Texan but after having surgery done to her lower jaw a few months ago she has been speaking in a British accent.

She has been going to speech therapy to help her get her old speech and voice back, and according to Lisa it has helped some but she said "if her Texas drawl never returns, she’s OK with that too."

Wow! How freaky is that?

If that happened to you what accent would you hope you'd wake up to speaking. I think British or Aussie would be cool, but knowing my luck it would be something strange and obscure.

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