IPA Warning For Men
With IPA's being served in almost every restaurant or being made by breweries in almost every city including Rockford, they need to come with a warning for Man Boobs.
More Cases of Whooping Cough
Tis the season for runny noses and coughs. But it is just a common cold? Or something else? Winnebago County has confirmed that 19 more cases of Whooping Cough have been confirmed.
Post Surgery Accent
I know what you're thinking reading that title that there no way a woman can wake up from surgery speaking in an accent, but it's true and it is possible to have that happen.
Blood Donations Needed
Even though it is the holidays, and most people are off, our local hospitals and blood centers are hard at work saving lives and handling emergencies.  The need for all blood types doesn't take the holidays off.  Here's how you can give the ultimate gift this holiday season …