Have you ever done something somewhere because you thought you were alone and no one would see you?

Well that's what this woman thought, when she sang loudly in a seemingly empty CTA train car.

Only to find out she wasn't alone. She got caught by another passenger.

It's one of those "OMG... I'm so embarrassed" moments.

WGN shared a tweet from Stevie as this woman wants to call herself of singing quite loudly, and off key  about being on the train alone.



Whoops! Hahahaha! That's funny, even if it is embarrassing.

My words to Stevie is this, don't worry about it.

Chicago is a big city, you probably will never see that guy ever again on the train.
If anything you may have enlightened his day, just like you did ours.

What have you done, thinking no one was watching or around only to be caught?



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