The last time the current US Postal Serice mail truck, a.k.a Grumman LLV, was manufactured between 1987-1994, according to Wiki. Fast forward to 2021 and U.S. Postal Service announced the next vehicle's debut, which will be manufactured in Wisconsin. The new fleet is expected to be much more energy-efficient.

The vehicles will be equipped with either fuel-efficient internal combustion engines or battery electric powertrains and can be retrofitted to keep pace with advances in electric vehicle technologies. (US Postal Service)

It's no surprise a new design and steps toward being better for the earth would be coming, those mail trucks have been around almost my entire life. Every now and then you might spot one of these good ole boys (or girls) on the back of a flatbed headed to the repair shop. The new fleet, though, looks like it could fit perfectly into a Toy Story movie. Seriously, toss on some googly eyes and a smile and you could picture it driving through Radiator Springs.

The new fleet of US Postal Service mail truck line (revealed on Facebook) will be called Next Generation Delivery Vehicle, or NGDV for short. The primary objective with this fleet is to "Modernization to Reduce USPS Fleet’s Costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions as Cleaner Technologies, such as Electric Powertrains, Power Carrier Routes." The manufacturer, Oshkosh Defense, will make 165,000 with the first batch expected to roll out in 2023, according to US Postal Service. You can learn more here.

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