How many times do people need to be warned about online scammers?

There are new stories popping up almost daily from credible sources, like Better Business Bureau, about catching the red flags of online scams.

Wisconsin folks, in particular, are having a problem catching on.

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The scams are getting more and more sneaky, or at least are trying to be. A few days ago I received this email from the IRS, except it was complete garbage. If it was I guess I'll find out when tax season rolls around.

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A woman in Wisconsin was interviewed by FOX in Milwaukee and she shared the scam she almost fell for.

She told the tv station she was surfing the world wide web when she came across a website with puppies for sale. She eventually contacted the "company" and quickly realized something fishy was brewing.

you pay for the puppy upfront then the puppy will be flown and ready to pick up at the nearest airport.

She was duped into throwing her money away but the news report confirms almost 20 other people did fall for the scam, costing them almost $800.


If you are shopping online and you are even slightly concerned about the validity of the company, shop somewhere else.

A few of the red flags leading to be scammed include paying for certain products ahead of time, like cars, homes, and puppies, grammatical errors in the emails or messages, and asking for information you wouldn't ordinarily share in an email.

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