A Wisconsin postal worker was caught stealing thousands of pieces of mail.

Stealing is a crime,

Stealing mail is a federal crime.

You know it's bad when the FBI gets involved.

ABC7 shares that a postal worker in Wisconsin was caught by the Feds after stealing over 6,000 pieces of mail.

The FBI set up a sting to caught the thief by placing a $20 bill in [a special] envelope, that when it "was opened, it sent a signal to agents." They were able to then arrest the worker.

The stealing of this envelope led the investigators to find "more than 6,000 opened envelopes in the woman's car. Some of the mail dated back to March 2017."

A lot of the mail were cards that were sent to celebrate birthdays and other special days.

Wow! Can you imagine?

I don't advocate stealing at all, but if you were going to steal that much mail why would you keep the evidence?

Another case of criminals are dumb.

As for the postal worker her excuse, or rather reason, for doing it was to help pay bills and take care of her kids.

Hmmm, was stealing really worth it?

She was fired.  And now quite possibly facing federal charges and most likely jail time,

How is that helping your children, if you're in jail or even pay bills?

Just shaking my head.






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