There's no way this story can be real. If it is, this man has way too much money to throw around.

There's a mid-30s man outside of Madison that appears to be OBSESSED with getting Green Bay Packers season tickets. He's currently on the team's season ticket waiting list, at about 70,000. (FYI, there's about 125,000+ people currently on the list.) He shared three desperate pleas on the perfect website for such craziness, Craigslist.

In the Craigslist ad (which has since been flagged), he posed three different scenarios he'd be willing to endure to get closer to being a Packers season ticket holder.

  1. He'll pay someone $10,000 to take their spot if they're under 1,000 on the waiting list and legally change his name to theirs so the Packers' organization won't know it's a different person buying the tickets.
  2. He'll pay an older person with season tickets $109,000 to leave him the tickets in their will and cover the fees to have them adopt him since the team requires tickets to go to next of kin. He'll also send Father's Day or Mother's Day gifts.
  3. He'll pay them $10,000 to any women or man to marry him and then pay to get divorced and as long as tickets are transferred to him as part of the settlement. He's also willing to "maximize" a joint tax refund too.

He's either insane or this is an inside job by Green Bay Packers to catch season ticket holders that are willing to bend the rules to make a quick buck... or several thousand.

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