A Wisconsin man named John Przybyla was pulled over after having a "beer battered fish" lunch, and told the cops THAT was the reason he was hammered...The beer battered fish! I'm not even sure this is actually possible! Doesn't the alcohol get cooked out of it, no? Did he eat like nineteen pounds if it? This dude has a "past" that explains that he might be full of it. John was convicted of driving under the influence, and this would be his 10th time! SG

Przybyla was pulled over for driving all over the place, when cops approached John the officer said there was a "smell of a moderate odor of an intoxicating beverage emitting from his breath..." No mention of cod or perch. You would THINK there would be more of a fishy breath. John also had blood shot eyes, and an open beer on the passenger seat. Well that's not fish. John told the officer that he had just left a "beer-battered fish lunch."

Now his blood alcohol level read a .062 which is below the legal level, BUT with John's driving under the influence history...it resulted in a legal restriction which keeps him from driving with a blood alcohol about .02.

Now things get fun, get ready for this one!

Just when this story can't get any better, Mr. Prybyla struggled with nurses who were trying to take his blood after cops took him in. He was telling the nurses that "he was going to sue us for taking his blood because it was against his religion." Seems legit.

Did I mention that his license was revoked at the time we was pulled over? Also the fish story didn't work, at all...It was a great attempt though.

This one was about as good as the Chris Farley "I'm allergic to bees" scene from Tommy Boy.

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