Every now and then when I stop into a convenience store during a road trip, I'll drop 10 bucks on some scratch-offs, and there's no real skill to choosing which game I play.

For some reason, I usually pick the game with the smaller grand prizes. My logic is the odds of winning must be better because the prize is less, so fewer people will play it and give me a better chance to win.

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After doing a little research on the official sites for the Wisconsin and Illinois State Lotteries, my logic is way off. Turns out that the higher jackpot a scratch-off game offers, the better odds of winning.

Which Lottery Scratch-Off Games Give You Best Odds to Win Money?

If you are going to play scratch-off games, the odds of winning are quite a bit different for each game, so choose these 6 that will give you better chances of pocketing some cash.

Here are 3 Scratch Off's from Wisconsin and 3 from Illinois that Give You the Best Odds

1. Tremendous 2 Million with odds of 1:3 in Wisconsin

$50 scratch-off with cash prizes starting at $75 and up to $2,000,000 instantly.

2. Two Million Dollars with odds of 1:3 in Wisconsin

Win a $2,000,000 grand prize instantly with this scratch-off from Wisconsin.

3. Sapphire 7's with odds of 1:3.1 in Wisconsin

This $20 scratch-off gives you a chance to win up to 50 times per ticket including a $100k grand prize.

1. Titanium Black 7's with odds of 1:2.85 in Illinois

A top prize of $3,000,000 and over $23 million in $200 prizes for this scratch-off game that is $30 a ticket.

2. 200x Payout with odds of 2.78 in Illinois

Over $77,000,000 in total prizes and one prize that will payout $3,000,000 and will set you back $30 per scratch-off.

3. Million $$ Match with odds of 1:2.85 in Illinois

With prizes from $100 to $1,000 and a top prize of $5,000,000, this is a $30 scratch-off ticket.

To see the odds for all Illinois lottery games, CLICK HERE.

For the odds of the Wisconsin lottery games, CLICK HERE.

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