All political opinions aside, I respect Hillary Clinton for always empowering women and children to pursue their dreams. I also love this letter she recently sent to a young girl in Wisconsin named, Lilly.

Over the summer Lilly's mom sent a letter to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton after her daughter Lilly announced at dinner one night that she wanted to change her name to "Lillary" so that she could be President some day. Clinton's response to Lilly's ambitions is awesome.


Lilly's mom, Jennifer Rosen-Heinz, recently told the Huffington Post that she felt she needed to send a letter to Clinton's campaign so that they knew just how much girl pride Clinton has inspired in her daughter. She said;

In my message, I mentioned that as much as Hillary has given tirelessly her entire public life to making sure that women and children’s voices are heard, that she could know that she was not only making history, but she was leaving footprints that young girls like my daughter can easily read― a girl has been here. YOU can be here.”


It's a message you've got to respect, no matter who you're voting for this November.



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