My daughters are 8 and 6 years old, and over the last few years I've learned some vital things about taking young kids to amusement parks:

  1. It ain't cheap.
  2. Ride lines are usually long and waiting with excited, impatient children can be quite unbearable.
  3. Young kids aren't tall enough to go on most of the "cool" rides, and many parks only have a few rides that young children can choose from.
  4. Parents often have to accompany their young children on rides and may feel like puking before, during, and after the ride is finished.

If you really want to find an amusement park to visit that the whole family can enjoy together, look no further than Little Amerricka in Marshall, Wisconsin!

Young Kids Love This Mini Amusement Park in Wisconsin

Located just 20 minutes outside of Madison you will find Little Amerricka, an amusement park that specializes in big fun for mini prices and people.

Google Street VIew
Google Street View

When I first learned about this park on onlyinyourstate.comwhat intrigued me is not only the vintage feel of it, but how many ride and entertainment options they have for young kids.

Want a kid-friendly roller coaster? They've got it!

Little Amerricka Amusement Park via Facebook
Little Amerricka Amusement Park via Facebook

Nostalgic rides from when you were a kid? Of course!

Little Amerricka Amusement Park via Facebook
Little Amerricka Amusement Park via Facebook

They've even offer train and monorail rides, go-karts, bumper cars, food and so much more at WAAY more affordable prices than a typical amusement park. (see the full list of rides, here).


Little Amerricka is open May-October each year, and they even offer fun fall events like a pumpkin train and haunted house!

To see just how affordable fun is at Little Amerricka, and to start planning your trip now, visit

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