Rockford roads were a little safer this weekend with the 'No Refusal Weekend' collaboration between local police and Winnebago County Sheriffs. Here's what went down.St. Patrick's Day weekend in Rockford was also a 'No Refusal Weekend," which resulted in eight people taken to jail for DUI's, according to WREX.

Drinking and driving wasn't the only driving laws that were broken this weekend. People were ticketed for doing something just dangerous and many of us are guilty of doing the same. Distracted driving citations (because of cell phones) were given to at least three people.

Deputies also issued eight seat belt citations, made three felony arrests, one warrant apprehension, 21 speeding citations, three distracted driving tickets for cell phone usage, 12 uninsured motorists, three suspended/revoked driver’s license arrests, and 31 other traffic violations.

Can you honestly say you've never been distracted while driving? Maybe not by a cell phone, maybe not on purpose, but I'll bet it has happened. I'm guilty of it, for sure.

Although there were probably more impaired drivers on the road in Northern Illinois, the 'No Refusal Weekend' can be considered a success. Just one drunk driver caught is one less chance of a fatality.

The second 'No Refusal Weekend' since July wasn't covered tax payers either, it was federally funded.

When should authorities do this again?


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