Transparency. That's what a majority of people want when dealing with anyone. Dealing with the police is no different. We've all heard or seen a story of a bad cop doing a bad thing. Doesn't mean all cops are bad just like an accountant cooking the books for a company doesn't mean all accountants are bad but transparency is what prevents it from happening.

At Tuesday night's Winnebago County board meeting, board members approved a $2.4 million deal that will equip sheriff's department with 55 dash cams, 183 body cams, 133 tasers, and software and training according to WREX. Thankfully no payments will be due until 2021, but this is money the board did not budget for.

Also, it comes down to safety for both the officers and civilians. Cameras give concrete evidence and takes out the 'he said-she said' aspect of cases. It's showing that they are willing to be transparent and that we can trust them and that's what majority of people want.

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