Winnebago County Sheriff Deputies will be at the intersection of Kilburn and North Springfield starting at 7 a.m. this Friday handing out free donuts in an effort to build better relationships with the community.

I must applaud the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department for the creativity of this campaign, especially for the name of it : "Donut worry, it's not a ticket".

Just. So. Catchy.

Curran's Orchard located at 6835 Kilburn Ave. in Rockford is donating their delicious cider donuts for the campaign, so leave your cop donut jokes at home, enjoy the deliciousness, and thank the deputies for their continued commitment to keeping us safe.

If you have a law enforcement officer or other civil servant person you would like to thank for going above and beyond the call of duty for you, please let us here at Q98.5 know about it so we can thank them for you with delicious cookies from Mary's Market. Simply email your story to or