I love sharing a good ole Rockfordian success story. To see people from this area doing amazing things inspires me, and I hope it does the same for you.

This is exactly why I knew I had to share a story with you that I recently read from the Rockford Register Star. It was titled, "Rockford's Tim Myers Rises to TOPGUN Commander".

Yes, we're talking THE TOPGUN that we all fell in love with thanks to Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards. In my teenage years I was OBSESSED with the movie TOP GUN. I, no joke, could recite every line by heart, and wore out multiple VCR copies of the movie. (Seriously, ask my parents).

My favorite part of this story isn't that a 1996 Boylan High School graduate is now the leader of the top fighter pilot training program in the United States, (not to discount that amazing achievement), it's Commander Tim Myers' call sign that really made me smile.

No, it's not 'Maverick' or 'Goose', it's 'Ain't'. Seriously. LOL!

Commander Tim Myers recently told the Rockford Register Star;

My call sign is Ain’t. I wish I had a great story for it, but I don’t. When we were handing out call signs, my squadron said: You haven’t done anything that merits a call sign, so we’re just going to call you Ain’t, for ain’t got a call sign.

Pretty sure Commander Myers' squadron is now eating those words, but at least he got a cool call sign out of it.

Commander Myers also told the RR Star that he credits his highly-effective team working skills in part to his years playing soccer at Boylan High School.

Myers said;

My family is very interested in sports and I have often equated naval aviation with being on a high-level sports team,” Myers said. “There is certainly a place for individual excellence. There are ways to distinguish yourself as an individual within the team, but really the way to distinguish yourself in the most laudable way is to raise the level of the people around you on the team.

To read more about Tim Myers rise to TOPGUN fame, click here.

Congratulations, Commander Myers. Rockford sure is proud of you!

Now, can you send us a video of you and the other pilots playing volleyball shirtless just for old time's sake, Commander Myers? I'm just kidding! Kinda...

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