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If you are looking at adding a new family member with four legs, Winnebago County Animal Services has cats. kittens, and lots of them! This could be a great Christmas gift idea, ONLY if you are serious about it...Or maybe you just need a companion while you quarantine.

Here are the details for those interested:

We have over 65 cats and kittens in foster care and vulnerable little ones are still coming in every day!

We had six bottle babies join our care today who found foster just before we closed! When we asked for help last month we were able to add amazing fosters to our team who are currently fostering almost half of the cats and kittens in foster care. We will provide food, litter, and medical care during their temporary stay. - Winnebago County Animal Services

If you are in interested in a new best friend, you can reach out to Winnebago County Animal Services HERE for adoption details. Here's a short video to help talk you into it:



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