Illinois has been gathering up the best of the best in our state to celebrate it turning 200 years old. This time our state looked at wine and chose a rose from Genoa to be part of the Illinois' Bicentennial.

The Daily Chronicle shared that from out of 16 rose wines produced here in Illinois, the chambourcin rosé from Prairie State Winery made the list.

There are 13 wineries in Illinois that turn out over 16 different types of rose' wines and Prairie State made that list.

Their rose' is one of Prairie State's 30-plus wines that they produce and now they can ad this accolade to the rest of the "numerous awards from local, national and international competitions they've been awarded."

If you're not familiar with what rose' is Prairie State Owner, Rick Mamoser, says that it's "a great wine style for anybody...Rosé is very food-friendly and very summer-friendly. It’s a great summer sipper, served chilled. [It] tends to be fruity but the dry finish attracts red drinkers, as well. It’s a very versatile wine.” 

Mmmmm...Now I REALLY want to try this.

My usual go to wine for everything is white zinfandel, but this sounds like it could be my next best option to serve too.

Hmmm... I'm wondering if I can find it at Woodman's? that's where I've purchased and enjoyed their honey crisp apple, elderberry and cranberry wines.

Otherwise, I could take a short drive to their storefront in Genoa, at 222 W. Main Street and get a glass or a bottle of it to take home.

To learn more about Prairie State Winery click here.





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