Here's an appetizing thought get yourself free slices of pizza while getting tested for STD's.

There's a clinic in Minnesota that is offering pizza parties for doing just that. Will Winnebago do it too?

Don't do it for your health and peace of mind, but do it for the pizza.

According to the Winona Daily News, the Semcac clinic in Winona, MN offers "Pee for Pizza" parties every Tuesday from noon to 8pm, for individuals to come in and get a free STD test along with free slices of pizza.

"The testing is being paid for out of a community clinic grant from the Minnesota Department of Health, in part to continue to combat rising STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) rates around the state."

The clinic says that "We just feel (testing) is really important any time,” and that they "it wanted to encourage people to take advantage of the opportunity."

Well, I can honestly say this is an interesting concept to get people in the doors and learn about their sexual and physical health.

Do you think this would be a benefit to the residents of Winnebago County? Would something like this work at the health department?

AND..... Which pizza place in town would be a great sponsor of this?

I know... Little Caesar's, [because it's] "Hot-N-Ready!"




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