Move over trains and semis, Rochelle is looking to the skies for attracting business.

So much so, that it leaves me wondering if the 'Hub City' will become known as 'Drone City.'

The city of Rochelle has hopes in landing an FAA Program for testing drones. (WIFR)

These drones aren't just any old run of the mill kind of drone, but drones that "would allow the unmanned aircraft to fly much greater distances than what is currently allowed by law."   

Rochelle is hoping to be one of the five cities that the FAA will choose as a testing site.

If they're picked, the city could then attract more businesses such as online retailers and restaurants. As the Hub city would be a permanent home for companies that employ the use of drones. Which means the city would grow as more of those types of business' would move in and would mean more jobs in a sense too.

The testing site cities will be named within six weeks.

My fingers are crossed for Rochelle. They have been working really hard the last several years to clean up and grow the town as a great place for families, schools and businesses as they have great access to the interstates and train lines as well.

I would really love to see something big like this happen for them.

Ok, maybe I am a little biased as I grew up outside the town, went to high school there, had my first part-time job there and even part of my radio career was fostered there as well.

Good luck Rochelle. I'm hoping the best for you.




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