When the news broke a few months ago that the Mary's Market location in Edgebrook Shopping Center was closing permanently, many Rockfordians were sad, but it turns out Mary's Market's story isn't quite over yet.

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Edgebrook Announces New Tenant For Former Mary's Market Space

On Tuesday, Edgebrook announced that a new tenant called Awaken Foundation was moving into the former Mary's Market space...

This news is good for Edgebrook and the Rockford community but it has led to a lot of questions like;

What is Awaken Foundation?

Is it a restaurant?

Will it feature a restaurant?

What is Awaken Foundation?

Let's start with clarifying exactly what Awaken Foundation is. Here's the Mission Statement I found on Awaken Foundation's website;

To uplift and empower the most challenging sectors within the Rockford community through educational programs inspired by love, compassion, and the priciple of self-help.

Still not clear about what Awaken Foundation is bringing to Edgebrook in Rockford?

The organization's founder, Jurea Crudup, recently told the Rockford Register Star the foundation will "operate a restaurant and culinary arts apprenticeship program in the space beginning in November". So, this sounds like a big win for foodies all over the Rockford area!

Crudrup also told The RRStar;

The apprentices will get on-the-job training in the cafe portion of the space, which will be called Sonny’s Place. Each apprentice will be hired as an employee. During the terms of their employment, they’ll complete their on-the-job knowledge and competency training.

The Awaken Foundation's Connection to Mary's Market

Earlier I mentioned that Mary's Market's story wasn't completely over at Edgebrook, and here's why. Awaken Foundation's apprentices will not only be cooking up delicious eats for Sonny's Place, but the cafe will also sell a lot of our favorite Mary's Market items as well! How's that for a win/win, Rockford?

To learn more about the Awaken Foundation and its programs, please visit awakenfoundationI3c.com.

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