Big Bird and all his friends are loading up their bus and bringing sesame street to classrooms. Will they make into Rockford's schools?

NBC Chicago shares that sesame street is taking their educational material from their television show and have turned it into educational material that can be used in classrooms across the U.S.

The "Sesame Workshop, the company behind Big Bird and Elmo, and McGraw-Hill Education, a billion-dollar for-profit company known for school textbooks, announced their partnership [last] Thursday."

The educational materials will include "videos featuring social-emotional and literacy lessons delivered by its famous characters and meant to be used at "circle time," when young children typically gather to sing songs or hear stories. They also are offering resources for teachers and parents to help reinforce the lessons."

The material is intended for grades pre-school through fifth grade and is expected to be in classrooms by fall of 2019.

Right now now school or class has used their educational material but "educators now have access to review the materials" that will then have to be approved by "approved by school principals and administrators" for use.

I think it's cool to see this happening.

It makes sense seeing Sesame street has been teaching children since 1969. I grew up watching them and still remember today a lot of lessons they taught through their puppets.




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