Nobody's perfect, but this still brings a chuckle.

It goes without saying you will probably find a typo from time to time on this website. Keep in mind, we're content curators, not bonafide journalists. (Yes, we're no longer radio DJs) The fact is, finding a grammatical error on a news station website makes us feel a little better about ourselves. It proves, they're human too.

Before I share a full view of the "oops" image, let me be clear - this is all in fun. I respect my media peers and understand they are juggling just as many multiple roles as radio folks. And, no, you will not find this error on WIFR's website or Facebook but thankfully someone invented screencap.

Apparently, for a brief moment, Halloween was on a Friday.

(Shoutout to Mark Charvat for sharing this gem.)

It's since been changed but after looking at the actual forecast maybe they're on to something... it's going to be cold and wet on Halloween night. Maybe we should move it to Friday?

Let me be clear, again, I'm not throwing shade at whichever WIFR meteorologist created this forecast. I'm just bringing up something fun about the news, and we all can agree there isn't a whole bunch of fun when it comes to news.

Here is the corrected image.

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