There have been a lot of heart emojis being posted by themselves on Facebook last week and I was curious what was going on. 

Here is what has been going around Facebook within the last week or so. A status has been this simple heart.

Kelly Coffey via Facebook
Kelly Coffey via Facebook

So I did a little research via google. Apparently, the heart alone is supposed to be an ode to breast cancer awareness week. This is what says:

"The concept is as follows: Post a heart on your female friends' Facebook walls, then send a private message explaining that the heart is a subtle reminder to get their breasts checked for lumps. Then, the goal is to cause a ripple effect—your friends posts hearts on their friends' walls, their friends posts on other friends' walls, and so on. They're also supposed to post the heart on the same woman who sent them the message. But, the catch is, if any guys ask what the emojis are all about, the recipient is supposed to stay silent, since the game is meant only for women."

So I get it. This is a cute way to spread awareness of breast cancer. Here is where I have a problem with it. One, there is no such thing as Breast Cancer Awareness Week. In October, there is breast cancer awareness month.

Then there is the whole issue of just keeping it between women. According to the national breast cancer website, males can also develop cancer in their breasts. It is very rare, but it still can happen.

The most disturbing thing about this is why it needs to be kept a secret. More people would be willing to support you in a cause if you just came out and said what it was. I had no idea what the heart meant. Maybe someone was feeling loved?

All I am asking is to not take something like Breast Cancer awareness and make it into a Facebook game. If you feel the need to support and get the word out about Breast Cancer or any other cause, just shout it out!!

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