If you watched Hillary's concession speech, you probably noticed that Hillary, Bill and other members of her staff were wearing purple, here's why.

This could be another element of politics that is amplified when a woman is running for office.

Throughout her run for President, Hillary Clinton has been making fashion statements. No, not with infinity scarves or sky high heels, but with the colors she chooses (or someone chooses for her) for each event or speech.

Her concession speech was one of those moments.

So why purple?

Most theories point to purple representing unity. Bipartisanship, the blend of red and blue, as if her outfit is trying to send the message that although for the last year (which seemed like a lifetime) we were a divided country, we need to come together.

Who knew you could say that much with an outfit?

Twitter erupted in applause for her clothing decision.

A few people suggested her purple choice was a sign of royalty or mourning, but I like the unity idea, so let's stick with that.

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