Giordano's is getting in on the presidential race by offering deep dish pizza's in the likeness of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but you won't find it in Rockford.

DNAInfo found the Giordano's location in Chicago at 223 W. Jackson offering customers for a limited time the "Presidential Candidate Pizza". It's their signature deep dish pizza that features "stencil artwork of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump created with grated parmesan cheese garnishing."

The pizza's only come in size Large and are the same price as their regular large sized pizza at $32. They will be available to order after each Presidential debate: this past Tuesday (9/27), Oct. 11 and Oct. 21 and on Nov. 8th, Election Day. Also, they can only be a Dine-In only order. Sorry no take outs.

Giordano's President and CEO, Yorgo Koutsogiorgas, said that this pizza is a way "to give our guests an opportunity to show their support to their chosen candidate in a fun, unique way.”

Too bad the Rockford Giordano's isn't participating, or for that fact the rest of the Pizza locations, because I think it would be interesting to see which pizza, Clinton or Trump, gets ordered more. It could just very well be the telling sign of who will be our next President.

Which would you order? Or would you just settle for a regular non-presidential pizza?