Wow, you'll find them one after another on State Street in Rockford. It's the invasion of mattress stores.Take a look at this map, it's 'Mattress-Palooza' in Rockford! There are eleven mattress stores along State Street between I-90 and Alpine. Check out the Map


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Sure, you drive by one after another and see no one inside the store,and you wonder, how can a place like this stay in business?

How?: Big mark-ups according to Consumer Reports, mark-ups on mattresses can amount to 40-50%. In some cases the mark-up is more.

WGN-TV reports that according to one study, a $3,000 mattress might only cost $300 to manufacture. That amounts to a 900 percent markup.

Are people willing to pay? You bet they are. Think about it, you spend a third of your day on your mattress, more so than anywhere else, so you want to make sure you spend that time in comfort.

So why not buy on line?

A report in Psychology today says that Americans prefer to buy a mattress in person rather than on-line.

The phenomenon of showrooming in which shoppers try the item in a store and then buy it online from the cheapest e-retailer hasn’t yet hit (link is external) the mattress industry.

As far as making a profit, WBEZ.ORG reports that most mattress stores have

  • low overhead
  • low labor costs
  • higher-than-usual profit margins

Mattress stores are here to stay. The mattress phenomena is also big in Chicago.

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