For a lot of folks burgers and beer go hand in hand. What about a burger beer?

Glass of beer

That's exactly what the brewmasters at Weyerbacher Brewing Company in Pennsylvania has been working on.

They teamed up with a tiny burger-making genius who knows a thing or two about beer induced snacking.

I'm referring to White Castle of course. Because let's be honest, who hasn't eaten their fair share of those tiny sliders you find in the frozen section of the grocery store after a night out.

I've even had to stop at the one DeKalb for a Crave Case before heading home from a friend's wedding.

Weyerbacher Brewery worked on a pilot brew to develop a kölsch that they are very proud of and says pairs very well with burgers.

They're is hoping this collab is gonna help pull them out of bankruptcy considering the beer makers filed for it earlier this year as well.

Weyerbacher is now planning on bringing a White Castle Beer to approximately 400 locations in 13 states. They're hoping it'll make its way to grocery store shelves too.

You'll be able to get the Slider Beer, because any other name would be silly, in a draft at select White Castle locations along with stores that carry the famous tiny burger in their freezers.

No official release date has been made available, but White Castle execs are wanting to tie it in with the company's 100th birthday in 2021.

That gives the popular chain plenty of time to set up shop here in Rockford! We've waited far too long to have our own White Castle, just saying.

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